You have the idea
we make it
Six reasons why to choose Inonda and start your radio station with us

Why Inonda

Here is why Inonda will change your way of doing radio and web radio.


Easy to use and manage

The time is always short and we are always around. Who reads the instructions nowadays? That’s why we created Inonda clear, intuitive, adaptable and immediate to use. Try it and see and go quickly on air. Low cost, high quality without stress.


Program your station and let it go alone

You program your station with the music you want, jingles, commercials, news and everything that makes the station YOURS. Then turn off the computer and relax: your radio will go alone following the rules that you set. Always online 24/7, thereby saving energy, time and resources.


Calculate your bandwidth needs

Thanks to our calculator, you can just enter how many users are listening to your station, for how many days or how many hours, to know how much bandwidth you really need. You can calculate peak and average traffic.


Work in team

More and more companies are investing time and money to promote teamwork. And the radio station isn’t an exception. Inonda have different levels of access and can engage all people on your team who can collaborate on programming from anywhere in the world. Because a shared, joint radio is a successful radio.


A tailored product

Did you realize that you need more bandwidth? Whatever your needs, you can activate online more options to customize your data plan. Some things are still not clear? Our dedicated support is ready to answer you in no time. And if you have special requests, do not hesitate to tell us. We are here to fulfill your idea of radio.


We are radio automation experts

Developing automation software for radio that can be transmitted over the Internet is our passion. We are very attentive to changes, we try to anticipate the future and Inonda is the result of our experience. It’s not a simple automatic dj, but a true radio automation software with features previously found only in desktop softwares. Because we want you to always send as a professional, even in the cloud.